Who We Are

It goes back in time when we made our simple beginning in the year 2000. As the years passed, we began gaining more customers, happy with our services which encouraged us to brand ourselves with a unique name. That's when, on 2005 we named ourselves as Greens hypermarket well- established in the beautiful friendly people town of Kannur, Kerala in India. From that point, there was no turning back as each day our customer's circle grew larger which lead us to extend our services to everyone in every corner of the city. We now stand very proud with four more branches opened & running successfully in the following years just for one reason- Our dedication to give only the best.

Our Philosophy

What we value is the money you spend on your purchases. We demand that you get the best products whether it be food or non-food, it's the place where you & your family can guarantee to receive good quality every inch. That's the one word guarantee we can give in your every shopping. Rest, is left to you to decide about us.

Logo Rationale

The rationale behind this logo is to bring it closer to Mother nature. Green resembles life. Just like a seedling when it grows, life & joy is shared to all at the same time. Here, you can see a green circle with a leaf like shape inside. Looking closely, it's the alphabet 'G' and the extension inside, is a new seedling. The new leaflet or seedling is always born fresh which in turn gives green freshness inside its circle. Thus, the whole logo reveals it all.